1. What kind of wedding style do you offer?

    I offer a documentary style approach to my videos. This means I prefer to be in the background filming events as they happen rather than constantly being in people’s faces the whole time. This unobtrusive way that I work means that I get the most natural shots of the day possible making for a much more enjoyable and realistic video.

  2. Do you travel and what expenses need to be paid?

    I do travel to any location in the UK and beyond however for any wedding taking place within London or the South East I will write off those expenses as I am also based in the same area. For weddings further afield I will negotiate some expenses costs with you which will be agreed upon with a signed contract.

  3. How many people will be filming our wedding?

    I generally do all my weddings by myself however if you do need another videographer for whatever reason or if I feel I need extra help with your wedding (usually the venue dictates this decision) then I have many videographers who would be willing to come on board as a second shooter. All of whom I trust 100% however this addition would increase the final payment. This decision will have to be made prior to signing of the contract and deposit payment.

  4. Do you do destination weddings?

    Yes of course. This does also tie in with my previous answer on travel expenses.

  5. How will we receive the finished film?

    There are many different methods such as DVD/USB but personally I find a simple wireless transfer through Dropbox is the easiest solution. Its also a lot quicker and more cost effective.

  6. Do you film in HD?

    I actually film in 4K which is currently the highest resolution quality out there. The cameras I use are DSLRs which are a lot smaller and less bulky than your average film camera. This helps to make me blend in more with the guests.

  7. Can we have the RAW footage of the wedding?

    Of course you can but please bear in mind that the final product would be heavily worked on by myself adding grading and colour correcting so the finished film and the RAW files would look a lot different, but by all means its your wedding and you have more of a right than anyone else to your footage.

  8. Can we select our own music to add to the video?

    I generally advise against this, although I do allow it I would have to put music license fees into consideration. I already have a reliable source of music at my disposal that I can use freely but if you wanted a track more specific to you as a couple let me know beforehand.

  9. What kind of audio do you use to record speeches?

    I have three different types of audio with me on the day. I have a rode stereo mic pro which is good for general sound e.g. ceremony and guests mingling, a wireless lav mic that needs to be connected to the person giving the speech and also a Tascam recorder that I use as a backup.

  10. What is the deposit amount and how do we pay it?

    The deposit amount is 50% to confirm the date and the remainder needs to be paid after receiving the finished video. You can pay via online transfer following the details on the invoice or you can pay via Paypal. The deposit can be refunded to you up to 14 days prior to the wedding, not a day later.

  11. Is there a contract or a document to sign?

    I have a contract for all my couples to sign before going forward. I generally ask for the contract to be signed before any deposit is made. The contract is quite straight forward but please read through it carefully and contact me directly if you have any problems.

  12. Are you insured in case of any mishaps

    I do have a copy of my public liability insurance to show which I am sure the venue would like to see. I am just as concerned about potential accidents (particularly with my equipment) as I am sure you are and rest assured my insurance covers most problems that may occur, including if I bring a second shooter on board for which I am responsible for.